10 Best paid surveys that earn money online

10 Best Paid survey sites

Making money online without high paying skills is some what difficult. But it can be done using some resources. We have many sources to earn money online, out of all paid surveys are one of the best ways to earn money online. Paid surveys are conducted by companies to collect data from users for that they will pay some money to answer that questions. Most of the paid survey sites pay good amount. You can take surveys from your mobile phone, pc or Mac all for free all you need to do is provide sufficient information genuinely that makes you eligible for that survey. 

What do companies do with surveys, how do we get paid? 

If a company want to launch a product they want to know about the kind of people that are in their target market, they figure out the specific topic they want to adress. So many companies buys surveys by spending millions of dollars , that's how we got paid. 

Now here are some of the surveys that pays decent amount of money just by attending surveys many of the survey companies belongs to USA  we need paypal to withdraw our money. 


            Swagbucks is one of the best survey site that provide many surveys with high payouts. Good thing with this site is you can earn money by completing tasks and playing games . They will pay us in swagbucks by completing one survey we can earn some swagbucks . 
                          By attempting daily survey by answering one question you can earn one swagbucks. Once you reached enough swagbucks you can  Redeem your swagbucks , minimum redemption is 100 swagbucks for 10$, you can Reedem it for Amazon ,i tunes you can withdraw money through paypal once you reached 100$.

2.Rewarding ways

Rewarding ways is a site that not only paid surveys but also tasks to complete and offers to grab in any of the way you can earn money . We will get 0.2$as sign up bonus and it pays very high amount of payment rates like 0.65$-1.22$.you can earn money through Refferel  
Program also. 
Paid surveys, work from home jobs.

Good thing about this site is it has paid already 2 million dollars worth money and gift cards. You can withdraw your money through paypal once you reched 5$.


  This is one the unique site you didn't found in YouTube or other websites.This is also one of the most reliable sites that pays decent amount. You will rewarded with 3$ as SIGNUP  bonus for free. You can earn money by taking surveys, playing games, huge cashbacks from shopping online. 
Work from home jobs, paid surveys

They have already paid for more than 350k$ . You can withdraw your money once you reached 10$ through paypal,  VISA bank card or gift cards. You don't news to have paypal account to withdraw. You can also see the payment proof that they have paid. 

4.Indox dollars

With over 50 million dollars paid out for surveys  , it is one of the best survey site. You can get paid for surveys, playing games and watching videos.  This site pays 5$ for  as signup bonus. 
Work from home, paid surveys

                    If you are interested in playing games online then this site is an excellent place where you get paid in return. You will get notification through mail whenever there is a survey is available. So don't miss this chance. 


This site contains somewhat less surveys but you will get more benefits with this site, selection rate is very high almost evary participant can be approved and get their reward points. For each and every survey you will get 50 points  once you reach  5000 points you can withdraw your money through paytm. 500 points can be redeemed for  INR3600. 

6.VIP Voice

Vip voice is one of the great surveys, it pays very reasonable amount for taking surveys. By registering you entered into a 1000$ contest, you can win that money if you have that much luck. 
            By taking surveys regularly you can become VIP member, you can earn more points as you are attempting more surveys

7.Vindale Research

It is one of the best survey site. The best thing with this surveys is you can find surveys that pays 50$ for 1 surveys. Yes you can earn 50$ for a survey. But qualifying for that survey is some what difficult, but you can qualify if you take surveys regularly. 
                                 You can earn money not only with paid surveys, once you sign up you can eligible to earn money by watching videos, reading e mail. It is one of the best site for surveys. 

8.MyPoints Surveys

It is one of the oldest survey site you can find now a days. It is hard to believe that it had paid more than  236 million dollars worth gift cards and payapl cash. 
                             It has participants more than 10 millions. Best part is you can reedem your points to gift cards at Amazon, I tunes,starbucks etc..

 9.Rakuten insights

It pays moderate amount of money for taking surveys but you can get more rewards for being active and participating regularly. 
                   It is world wide famous and high reputed company. We can withdraw our money through paypal cash or Amazon gift cards. 

10.Survey Jury

This is one of the highest paid survey site I have seen till now you can earn  from $0.5-$75  for one survey. It has more than 500 survey panels , 220k users, and more than 20 payment options like  PAYPAL, PAYONEER etc. 
                                         You can earn less amount at the beginning but taking surveys regularly will help you to earn $75 for  a survey, and you can associate with the team of the surveys and helps them to make surveys and get paid for that. 

            You cannot earn much money at starting and you cannot become rich by this method but you can earn some decent money that helps you . It can be a side hustle if you do it regularly. 


Paid surveys are the best side hustle for students and  people who are seeking for work from home jobs, you can find many more jobs  like this. Now a days paid surveys are growing faster . If you continue taking surveys for few months then you can  make nearly $50-100 every day. 
Remember you cannot make millions with this , you can just make passive income through this. 


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